Homeopathy for Excessive Sweating

Have you experienced excessive sweat on your head, face, underarms, palms or soles?

Do you feel that sweat in your palms makes writing or grasping objects difficult?

Or Do you have offensive foot or armpit sweat which makes you embarrassed?


A certain amount of sweat release is mandatory to regulate body temperature but if in excess, it needs to be checked.


Excessive sweating is medically termed as Hyperhidrosis and is defined as abnormally increased sweating/ profuse perspiration.

Classification & causes

Hyperhydrosis can be of these types :

1)Primary or Essential or Idiopathic Hyperhidrosis

The cause here remains unknown.

2)Secondary Hyperhidrosis

This type is associated inpatients with other diseases like hyperthyroidism, a woman approaching menopausal age, obesity, diabetes, gout, anxiety, etc.

Types of hyperhidrosis based on the location:

2.1) Focal Hyperhidrosis ( When the excessive sweating is localized)

-Palmar hyperhidrosis (hands)

-Axillary hyperhidrosis (armpits)

-Plantar hyperhidrosis (feet)

-Facial hyperhidrosis (face)

-Truncal hyperhidrosis (Trunk)


2.2) Generalized hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating affects the entire body.)


A well selected Homeopathic remedy miraculously cures this problem. We take into account the amount of perspiration, the offensiveness (smell), the location, chronicity and severity of hyperhidrosis.

A complete case history along with physical, mental symptoms and modalities help us to prescribe the constitutional medicine.

Few Homeopathic remedies that may help :

1)Calcarea Carbonicum

This homeopathic medicine covers excessive sweating especially on scalp.

Sweat is Cold and mainly present on hands and feet.


There is excessive and corrosive sweating on feet in humid conditions.

3) Hepar sulph

The patient who needs this remedy sweats day and night. The sweat has putrid odour and leaves yellow stains on clothes.

4) Silicea

This medicine is indicated in excessive and offensive sweat on feet, hands and armpit.

The sweat is mainly cold esp on palms which can make writing or grasping difficult.

The smell is sour or putrid in nature.

5) Psorinum

There is excessive secretions from sebaceous glands leaving the skin oily.

The patient is chilly and sweat is highly offensive. The smell of sweat is difficult to remove even after bathing.

6) Sulphur

There is excessive sweating over palms , soles and head. The patient can not bear hot weather. Itching can also be present. The sweat form armpits have garlic like smell.

7)Merc Sol

It is indicated when excessive sweating over whole body is present esp. at night. The cold and clammy sweat is present over legs with sour smell.


It is indicated in excessive sweating of the palms.

9) Bovista

It covers onion like smell from armpit sweat.

10) Caladium

This medicine is used when sweat has sweetish odour which attracts the flies.


Generally there is increased sweating in genital region.

11) Thuja

Sweat can be offensive, oily, sweetish and foetid. There can be sweat on only one side of the body.There is excessive sweating on uncovered parts of the body and no sweat on covered parts.

Note : These are the indicated medicines and should be taken after the advice of qualified Homeopathic Doctor. A constitutional medicine is prescribed according to case history and individualization of patient.

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