Treatment for Eczema

Homeopathy in Skin Diseases

Eczema can really worsen your situation if the proper treatment is not given at right time.

Let me share with you one of my cases who had almost lost his ear due to chronic eczema with pain and discharge.

A middle-aged male patient came to me for ear eczema. There were thick hard crusts around the ears with offensive discharge. Ears were painful to touch.

After trying out all sorts of treatments for almost 15 years, nothing worked for him rather complicated the situation.

Even his right ear pinna was cracked and the eczema was further progressing.

I will share how I provided treatment to him, what all diets to consider, and the medicines :

After his case taking and repertorisation he was prescribed the following medicines and advice.


Day 1: Psorinum 200 was given as a stat dose

And he was given silicea and antim crudum. Calendula ointment to apply was also given.

Advice – He was asked to avoid non-veg, junk food, excessive sugar, etc.

Also, maintain ear hygiene ( avoid rubbing or touching ears).


Day 15: The offensive ear discharge decreased and healing had begun. The pain was felt sometimes. The prescription was repeated in the same manner.


Day 30: Pain subsided. Crusts and scabs from the ear were clean. New healthy skin appeared. The dosage of medicines was reduced.


Day 45 :

Here comes the surprise, his ear eczema was cured as it was never there. The patient was initially hopeless when shared his case.

Now he is happy.

Medicines were repeated in decreasing order for a week and then stopped.

He was asked to visit after a month of stopping the medicines to observe any chance of recurrence.

He was completely fine. And now after 6 months, his ears are completely in good form.


Now let us discuss what could happen with continuous suppressing or if the wrong treatment is given?


As in this case, we saw his one ear pinna was cracking and eventually it would have decayed or deteriorated to more extent. Also, his pains were increasing and cosmetically the ugly appearance was increasing, the foul smell and discomfort would worsen. Also if the ear would decay like this for a long time, there would come a stage to surgically remove the ear too.


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Thank you.


Happy Healing with Homeopathy.

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