YOU can be the CHANGE - YEAR 2021

We all have gone through a lot of sufferings the previous year. Many of us have lost our loved ones and it has been a challenging year. It made us realize how for granted we had taken our lives and resources.

In an instance how we all were put inside the restrictions of lockdown, curfew, social distancing and mostly the FEAR of contracting the illness and losing our near & dear ones.

Underneath our masks we all were hiding the inner fear and restlessness. The pandemic affected the world and we were left wondering what has happened ?

But one lesson that we all learnt last year was to pay attention about the things what we do, we were cautious and careful about our hygiene and eating habits. We spent more time in our homes with our family and in nature. We got to see the things differently that its the good health along with the food in our kitchen and roof over our heads, which is most important. We realized to appreciate and be grateful to the people and things we have in our lives.

May lessons learnt last year helps us to reform ourselves to better this year. May year 2021 bring happiness and health to everyone. May we all become compassionate to each other and uplift other human being. May we all have some life purpose – purpose for betterment of our fellow beings.

Let us be strong and determined to be a change to change our fate in 2021.

“When you look for the good in others, you discover the best in yourself.”  – Martin Walsh

Happiee 2021 🎉

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